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                             Business Phone Number 386-760-8822
Support for the Food Service Industry, that's what Mike’s is all about. After working in the food industry for over a combined 40 years, Mike and Matt Anderson conceptualized a company that provides personalized service for individual food establishments. Realizing that all establishments have different requirements, their specialty is providing a wide range of quality products and the individualized niche service each establishment desires and needs.
Locally owned, Mike’s Produce Service is dedicated to providing a unique source of fine foods and personalized service to food professionals in the Volusia and Flagler county areas.
As an independent, Mike’s Specialty Services offers distinctive food products from around the world through quality vendors. Mike’s provides premium products, honest sales, and superior service that the food industry can trust. Mike and Matt share their expertise, knowledge, and understanding of food related issues and problems as part of their quality service. 
Mike’s goes that extra mile for you.
As a team, Mike and Matt manage your food orders, inquiries, concerns, and deliveries. They are your one stop food distributor. When you call, you speak to the buyer, sales, and delivery managers. From start to finish, you receive personalized handling of your food products. Mike and Matt inspect all merchandise delivered to their warehouse when it comes in and before it is loaded on the truck for delivery to you. Delivery of your merchandise includes putting away and rotating your food products. There are never no added “fuel or drop” charges.
Mike’s offers specialized service to all establishments, including menu ideas, purchasing suggestions, unique foods, competitive pricing, etc. They also provide those special delivery times for those last minute “fill-in” orders larger companies cannot manage.
Their niche in the food service industry is threefold — Quality, Value, and Service.
Three Coolers at Different Evironments to insure proper storage temperatures for each produce item.